Super B SB12V15P-SC



Light-weight, high-performance, safe and reliable lithium-ion starter battery, especially developed for motorsports. This battery equals a lead-acid battery of 40 to 60Ah, provided the alternator’s maximum current doesn’t exceed the battery’s maximum charge capacity of 52A. Designed in a standard rally casing. Suitable for 12V systems and for use in extreme environments.

Lightweight power

With a weight of only 2,9kg or 6.39lb, the SB12V15P-SC starter battery saves up to 80% in weight in comparison to traditional lead-acid batteries and is only 1/3 of the size of a conventional battery. This improves not only the performance of your vehicle but also helps to increase the fuel economy.

The starter battery offers a high level of power, super-fast charging and a long, maintenance-free service life. It also has a stable and flat discharge which means you have over 80% of the batteries capacity available and you can leave your vehicle unattended for a much longer period compared to a lead-acid battery.


Super B batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4), the safest Lithium Ion technology available today. In addition to the safest and most reliable Lithium technology, Super B also developed bespoke casings and electronics to further increase safety and durability.


Super B batteries do not contain lead. The LiFePO4 technology is an environmental-friendly energy storage solution.

3-year warranty

Super B’s 3-year warranty offers the best peace of mind. It is the benefit of years of continuous engineering improvement and proven experience with all of our batteries in the harshest environments.


Please take this advice into account while using the battery:

  1. Do not jump start.
  2. Use a correct charger.
  3. Make sure the battery does not get deeply discharged. If the battery has no charge remaining when you check it, consider it to be damaged. Do not attempt to recharge or use it.
  4. This battery is specially developed for motorsport. If you want to use it on road, please consult Super B.

About Super B

With our roots in motorsports, Super B has a history of over 10 years developing and producing premium quality lithium batteries. A proven track record of the Super B starter batteries in extreme environments such as the Dakar rally and the 24H of Le Mans since that time is the result.