Paoli Plastic cover


Plastic cover for your Paoli wheel gun:

AVAILABLE FOR                                                         PRODUCT CODE
HURRICANE                                                                B.18.0050
DP 6000 – DP 5000 TI – DP 4000 MG                     B.18.0013
DP 5000 BIAS                                                             B.18.0043
DP 2000 S, SE                                                             B.18.0000
DP 4000 BIAS                                                             B.18.0024
SUPER SPORT                                                            B.18.0023
DP 197 SFE                                                                 B.18.0001
DP 176 SFE – DP 177 SFE                                        B.18.0003
BLUE DEVIL                                                                 B.18.0019
DP 36 SF EVO – 4BIKE                                              B.18.0006
DP 5000 TI (with fast shuttle)                                  B.18.0030
DP 4000 MG (with fast shuttle)                               B.18.0030
DP 5000 TI MARK II TSA (right led box)                 B.18.0022
DP 4000 MG TSA (right led box)                              B.18.0022
DP 5000 TI MARK II TSA (left led box)                    B.18.0026
DP 4000 MG TSA (left led box)                                B.18.0026
DP 4000 MG TS LAB (right led box)                        B.18.0021
DP 4000 MG TS LAB (left led box)                           B.18.0027

Technical fabric cover made of ballistic nylon.
– Strong and durable
– Thick and resistant
– New design
– Available in: blue, red or black

AVAILABLE FOR                                              PRODUCT CODE
HURRICANE                                                     B.18.0047 black, B.18.0048 red, B.18.0049 blue
DP 6000 – DP 5000 TI – DP 4000 MG           B.18.0031 black, B.18.0032 red, B.18.0033 blue.