B-G Racing Pitboard


A pit board is a must have in almost all forms of motorsport and B-G Racing Pit Board Kits have been created to fulfill the requirements of race teams by offering a choice of two different size boards which include a full set of numbers and a protective carry bag that features internal pockets to keep the number set organised.

The Standard Pit Board is manufactured from lightweight T6 aluminium with a durable bright silver anodised finish.
The 38 piece Number Set for the Standard Aluminium Pit Board Kit includes numbers, letters, words and symbols. It is available in a choice of White, Hi-Vis Green, Hi-Vis Orange, Hi-Vis Pink or Hi-Vis Yellow.

A unique feature is that each number, letter, word and symbol features a smaller icon on the top left hand corner to make it easily identifiable when stored in the bag pockets.

The Carry Bag is produced from Nylon fabric and features flaps to ensure the numbers do not fall out of the pockets during transportation and a pair of removable and adjustable straps to make it effortless to secure the bag to a pit wall.

Part Number BGR260 / 260G / 260O / 260P / 260Y
Material Board – T6 Aluminium, Bag – Nylon and Number – High Impact Polystyrene Sheet (HIPS)
Height (H) Board – 830mm – 32.68”, Bag – 920mm – 36.22”, Numbers – 178mm – 7.00”
Width (W) Board – 630mm – 24.8”, Bag – 690mm – 27.17”, Numbers – 126mm – 4.96”
Kit Includes Pit Board, Number Set and Carry Bag
Nett Weight 5.2kg – 11.46lb
Numbers 3x 0-9
Gross Weight 6.8kg – 14.99lb
Letters 1x P, L & T
Words 1x FUEL, IN
Symbols 1x +, ―, ·
Number Of Pockets 20