Andytec AS-10 uitlijnset


The AS-10 meanwhile is the classic among alignment gauges. Four measuring frames are
fixed to the wheels with clamp-on- od magnetic adaptors. After a quick and easy preadjustment
toe-in or toe-out can be read.
The AS-10 is based on the string principle – still the most reliable method, often superior to
electronic rigs.

PRECISE – Each wheel is measured independently.
SIMPLE – Extremely clear handling.
UNIVERSAL – No set-up platform required, adaptors for every purpose.
RELIABLE – Uncomplicated, sturdy tool.
QUICK – Reliable results in minimum time

The camber gauge AS-02 works purely mechanical with the spirit level principle.
Hold to the wheel, level the vial by turning the knob and read the exact camber
value – finished.

PRECISE – Display in full degrees and tenths.
HANDY – Fits any wheel, no battery required.
PROVEN – In worldwide racing.
STURDY – Reliable components, high-quality materials.